I graduated from the Byam Shaw School of Art, London, in 2001, and have worked as a commissioned artist ever since. Upon graduation, I decided to leave behind the installations and wall paintings and go back to my first love- figurative, oil on canvas. I produced a series of nudes which were exhibited at 'A gallery', 'Beverley Knowles Fine Art', 'Chambers Gallery' and various other galleries in London.

I also started to produce portraits and have had the privilege of working with the wonderful actress Sheila Hancock, respected theatre director Terry Johnson and renowned cardiologist Mr Romeo Vecht. In 2012 I was shortlisted for the Diamond Jubilee Portrait Competition for my portrait of Her Majesty the Queen.

Working as a commissioned artist, I like to work with the client to produce something personal and timeless, which also compliments the space and surrounding hues; a painting should really be an integral part of the room. Recent commissions include a large painting of an album cover for a music producer, a diptyche of a woman's parents from the 70's and a large portrait of Angelica Huston.  

Whether working on a nude, a small portrait of a child, a large black and white portrait of an actress from the 70s or a flower painting, the work has to produce a visceral, as well as cerebral effect. I particularly love working on a large scale but having said this, will just as happily produce a series of pre-raphaelite inspired miniatures!