It is, for me, imperative to capture the physical likeness and attributes of a person's face/body but what is just as important is the incarnation of the person's spirit whether that person be a child that I know or an actress from 40 years ago. We often talk about the notion of 'the aura' in the artworld and I think this is particularly applicable to portraiture as cheesy as it may sound the eyes really do need come alive, follow you around the room, tell a thousand stories. Portraiture should be charmingly haunting.



The nudes I produce are about bodily expression, unaffected by the often overiding facial expression. I like to juxtapose the detail and sumptuousness of the body with a simple monochromatic/block coloured background or 'landscape'. The figure in the landscape represents the idea of finding yourself in a foreign environment, naked (physically, mentally and spiritually) and most of all- willingly vulnerable.


Mia Farrow copy.jpg

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